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It’s time to quit. I’ve been smoking now for around nine years and been “quitting” for around two of those. It’s always just one more packet. There is always an excuse and it’s usually bullshit. I’m heavily addicted to the comfort of nicotine and, frankly, it’s pathetic.
I’m 25 years old now and smoking has already caused me significant health problems. It needs to stop. I sat down at the start of this year and wrote a “bucket list”, the top of my priorities is to run a trail marathon. I’ve always been in to sport and absolutely love football, running and the outdoors.
I signed up to compete in the Lakeland 50 trail marathon in February and promised myself I would quit in order to be fit enough for the marathon. But still the old excuses kept coming. So, as of Monday, 28th April 2014, I’m going cold turkey. It won’t be easy and I’m sure there will be dark moments but I am determined to get through.
The Lakeland 50 Trail Race consists of a 50 mile run over the picturesque fells and valleys of the Lake District, with an accumulated ascent of approximately 3100m. The course also requires some degree of navigation.
Since the Lake District played a big part in my childhood and in developing my love for the outdoors I can’t wait for the race, even if only to see the views! Having moved to Munich in December 2012, I have to say the Lakes is one of the main things I miss about England, you can see why from the picture, although the Alps aren’t too bad an alternative.
I play football here to a good amateur standard and my team here are currently competing for the league title, as such that makes my training for the run a little harder to negotiate as I am heavily committed in terms of my football. My level of fitness is good though, I regularly just take myself off in to the mountains running. I’ve completed Total Warrior twice with good times which was a lot of fun but now it’s time to get serious.
I am determined to complete the course no matter what. After having a lot of pain in the last six months in my upper legs, I have recently been diagnosed with a CAM Impingement in my hip which requires an operation in September. Completing the race, and winning the league, will make my 6-8 months without sport all that more bearable! Only approximately 50-60% of starters finish, so I’m not kidding myself about my chances. You can read more about the race here:
With 89 days to go to the marathon I’m sure that quitting will help me get through it. As will the thought of completing the race help me get through quitting! I will be raising for the charity QUIT, who provide a vital service in helping others like me quit.
QUIT is one of the leading charities in building smoking cessation services and initiatives across the UK and Europe. They work with a range of primary care trusts in England in order to help deliver essential cessation services. QUIT is also the leading agency of the European Network of Quitlines (ENQ), who maximize collaboration between European countries providing quitting services.

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Und jetzt kürzlich auf Deutsch für meinem Deutsch freunden.
Es ist Zeit aufzuhören . Ich habe seit neun Jahren geraucht, und zwei davon bin ich schon dabei aufzuhören. Aber es ist immer nur eine letzte Packung noch. Gibt’s immer einen Grund für die nächste Zigaretten und der ist normalerweise Schmarrn. Ich bin schwer süchtig und es wird langsam lächerlich.
Ich bin jetzt 25 Jahre alt und das Rauchen hat mir schon Gesundheitsprobleme eingebracht. Das muss aufhören. Im Februar habe ich eine Wunschliste meiner Lebensträume aufgestellt. Zuerst am der Liste war ein “Trail Race” zu laufen. Also habe ich mich in Februar angemeldet für den “Lakeland 50”, ein 50 Meilen (80km) Laufrennen im Herzen des Lake District, dem schönsten Teil von England.
Ab Montag, den 28. April, 89 tage vor dem Marathon, ich bin “Cold Turkey”. Ich glaube des ist der einzige Weg, aufzuhören. Ich weiß, das wird nicht einfach sein und bin ich sicher, dass ich dunkle Momente haben werde.
In diesen Blog kommentier ich mein Training und die Sache mit dem Aufhören…
Ich sammele Spenden für die Wohltätigkeitsorganisation QUIT, die Leuten wie mir überall in Europa helfen, mit dem  Rauchen aufzuhören. Hier könnt ihr mich unterstützen:

Mehr infos über QUIT findet ihr hier:
Danke für euren Besuch und eure Zeit!

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